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Dermatological surgery and laser unit

Dermatological surgery and laser unit

Our dermatological surgery and laser service unit (DSLU) is the largest and longest established centre in the UK with over 20 years of experience. We are a leading centre for Mohs micrographic surgery to treat skin cancer performing over 1,000 cases of Mohs surgery every year.


We offer photodynamic therapy for some low risk skin cancers.


As a tertiary referral centre for laser treatment to treat certain skin conditions, we offer a comprehensive laser service to treat birthmarks and certain pigmentary conditions.


We are the only hospital in the country using reflectance confocal microscopy on suitable patients, enabling us to view cells and structures of the skin without the need for a biopsy.




We are the first hospital in the UK to use a new microscope, called a Vivascope, which can detect skin cancer, providing such detailed images that it effectively performs a non-invasive biopsy.


Once validated, it will make it easier and quicker to determine whether moles and skin lesions are a cause for concern. This will:


  • reduce the number of precautionary biopsies
  • provide a diagnosis in uncertain cases - often such lesions are re-examined after three months
  • provide on-the-spot diagnosis - enabling patients to be examined, diagnosed and treated in a single visit
  • ensure there has been complete treatment for conditions such as lentigo maligna or superficial basal cell carcinomas, where topical treatments (medication applied to the skin) have been used.


Dermatological surgery and laser unit referrals


We accept referrals directly from your GP or any other hospital specialist only.

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