White Papers

Medical industry white papers are reports and proposals of complex and controversial medical issues and procedures, and their scientific solutions.This segment offers overviews and detailed .pdf files on various medical procedures. Healthcare industry white papers detail innovative solutions from research studies for intricate procedures. They help solve major problems and remove industrial bottlenecks.

Dongguan Microview Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Comparative study of vacuum extraction for artificial abortion by uterine cavity video monitoring and trans¬vaginal ultrasonography guidance Objective: Validation of actual performance of the world's first disposable endoscopic cannula researched and developed by Chinese themselves. Methods: Each case is used by disposable endoscopic cannula simultaneously videotape observation and transvaginal type…

Computing technology is everywhere in our daily life; from personal handheld devices to machinery for industrial use. Today, even the medical and health care industries are increasingly dependent on computer technology as caregivers are expected to attend to more patients without compromising the quality of care.

Greiner Bio One International AG
Laboratory agglomeration involves long distances, specimens shipment and longer storage of samples before the analytical testing.

Greiner Bio One International AG
The VACUETTE ® GLUCOMEDICS blood collection tubes are used to stabilize the in-vivo glucose level in whole blood or plasma for up to 48 hours at room temperature and enable prolonged sample processing time including both storage and/or transportation.

Greiner Bio One International AG
A clinical evaluation of the ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) was carried out to assess the VACUETTE  ESR plastic tubes for their performance in comparison with the VACUETTE  ESR glass tubes with the closed manual ESR measurement.

The diagnostic-therapeutic path in Parkinson disease

In subjects with Parkinson the physiotherapy rehabilitation is a very important instrument to fight and slow down the progression of the disease symptoms. Even if it doesn't have a healing value, integrating it with pharmacologic therapy, it is possible to preserve a good patient physical tone and a significant recovery…

from a bed back to life... the most effective rehabilitation proces

Stroke presents a major global public health challenge, with 5.5 million people dying from stroke each year (WHO 2003) and many more living with chronic disability (Wolfe 2000). Early rehabilitation is described as an important feature of stroke unit care (Langhorne 1998), but patients are restricted to bed for some…

TMJOINT: The pursuit of neuromuscular stability

Orthodontics: after correction of tooth misalignment, the achievement of the neuromuscular balance, verified by means of BTS TMJOINT, will be safe from relapse. Diagnosis and care of the dysfunctional patient: TMJOINT is a simple but highly predictive method for identifying the dysfunctional patient, and apply, as a result, suitable odonto-periodontal…

Advantech Industrial Computing India Pvt. Ltd
Hospitals today are being transformed into sophisticated medical facilities with computer-based medical equipment and intelligent, connected medical devices. Healthcare facilities are becoming digitized and networked, with a wide array of high-tech medical devices supplying data to a centralized electronic medical record (EMR). Medical equipment such as diagnostic equipment, laboratory/analytical equipment,…

Binary Spectrum
Binary Spectrum expertise's in healthcare applications that takes control of efficient posting of claims, receivables and reclaiming payments that are received by the insurance company with Billing, enables the storage of required information and allows easy search options for utilization in need through Charting, Progress notes and develop efficient Order…