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Winlase Laser technology

Winlase Laser technology


Safe & Effective Laser Therapy For Pain Management

The Winlase Laser technology is based on the proven principle of Low Intensity Laser. Winlase Laser device is portable, touch screen operated and equipped with therapy protocols for easy and effective operation. The Winlase Laser brings you the most up-to-date treatment methods with a large screen based user friendly interface and selection of useful clinical indications, a logical control system that simplifies treatment choices, and two different applicators.
The device is best suited in Arthritis pain, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Knee, Neck, Fibromyalia and Back Pain.

A revolution in therapeutic laser technology solution for Orthopaedic Physiotherapy.


  • Auto detection of attached applicator
  • Auto-adjustment of parameters based on attached applicator
  • Up to 10 user defined modes
  • Emission modes: Continues; Pulsed and Sweep;
  • Modes: Manual mode; Protocols (predefined modes); User Define Modes
  • Application upgrade in the field through the service mode
  • GUI through 8” LCD touch screen and rotating knob – landscape orientation.
  • 45Min Battery Backup.

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