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Analgesic Pulse Plus AP439

Analgesic Pulse Plus AP439

Analgesic Pulse Plus AP439

Multi Waveform Interferential, TENS, High Voltage, Galvanic & Faradic

The revolutionary Next Generation AP439 is a futuristic US FDA cleared multi waveform (Interferential, TENS, Galvanic, Russian, High Volt, Faradic) device presenting maximum applications of pain relief in a single unit. The device has 8 pre-set treatment protocols to make treatment easy and fast. The intuitive GUI, compact body size makes it portable and aesthetically appealing. The device is a perfect fit for advanced physiotherapy clinics and hospitals.


  • 4 channels/2 outputs/8 Electrodes
  • 5 essential electrotherapy currents
  • 8 quick preset treatment programs for common conditions
  • Illuminating touch buttons and LCD
  • Slim, compact, portable, and lightweight enclosure
  • Microcomputer controlled digital unit
  • Comfortable electrical stimulation
  • 1 Year Warranty on unit (6 Months on accessories)

8 quick preset treatment programs for common conditions.

  Edema (High Volt – Continuous)

  Deconditioning (TENS Conventional)

  Chronic Pain (IFC Premod 2-Pole)

  Acute Pain (IFC Quadripolar 4-Pole)

  Wound Healing (High Volt Cont.)

  Endurance (TENS Conventional)

  Nerve Block (Faradic Rectangular)

  Muscle Re-Education (IFC Russian)

Analgesic Pulse Plus AP439+

Analgesic Pulse Plus AP439+

Multi Waveform Interferential Stimulator

Analgesic Pulsar Plus (AP439 Plus), the cutting edge multi waveform, multiple channels device presents the maximum applications of pain relief (Interferential, TENS, Galvanic, Russian etc). It’s comfortable stimulation and remarkable results make this unit a Must in any physiotherapy Clinic !


  • Multi-waveform stimulator
  • True sine wave interferential
  • 2 Independent Outputs/ 4 channel device
  • Light weight and portable device
  • Precise treatment selection
  • Comfortable electrical stimulation

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