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Nerve and Muscle Stimulator NMS-498

Nerve and Muscle Stimulator NMS-498

Nerve and Muscle Stimulator


Advance way to manage pain and muscle rehabilitation

NMs-498, the electronic nerve muscle stimulator provides seven different modes of NMES stimulation which are designed to act on the specific muscle groups. This micro computer controlled unit combines the proves therapies suited best to the rehabilitation needs.

EMS & TENS Applications

  • Wrist strengthening, Grip strengthening, Fibromyalgia, Tibialis strengthening
  • ACL reconstruction, Intrinsic strengthening, Quadriceps strengthening
  • Anterior shoulder subluxation , Upper trap spasm, Shoulder weakness
  • Relaxation of muscle pain, Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy.
  • Increase local body circulation. Muscle re-education. Immediate post surgical stimulation of calf muscle to prevent various thrombosis.
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion.

Easy Selection Pulse Width, Pulse Rate, Treatment Time and Mode with digital display with increment and decrement key


  • Single machine with the benefit of dual therapies (TENS/ EMS)
  • 4 body areas/ 2 patients can be treated at one time
  • Inbuilt 7 preset programs enabling treatment of different pains
  • One mode for custom parameter and custom treatment
  • Flexibility for custom treatment

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