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Electronics Muscle Exerciser Flex-E-Tone EME-123

Electronics Muscle Exerciser Flex-E-Tone EME-123

Flex-E-Tone EME-123 - Electronics Muscle Exerciser

If your clients are looking for a treatment that helps them lose stubborn fat without strict diets, strenuous exercise, harmful metabolism boosters or complicated surgeries? With EME 123, you will be able to fulfill your clients demands through five tailor made programs. EME 123 Provides continuous concentration & relaxation of muscles as per the selected mode by passing electric signal through electrodes placed on the desired muscle group. This provides passive exercise to tone, firm & tighten the muscles.

FDA-cleared TORC Pro exercises the muscles around the problem areas in a very powerful way, while you are lying down on a massage table. TORC Pro’s treatments when combined with a diet plan and detox session, bring fast and long lasting results for:


  • Strong and sturdy aluminum constructed slimming equipment.
  • Device is loaded with complete slimming program.
  • Comprises of 12 channels to treat 12 different muscle group.
  • Separate Intensity Control on every channel.
  • 5 Different treatment programs.
  • Digital Display of Contractions, Relaxation, Mode and Time.
  • 2 Patients can be treated simultaneously with different modes


  • Flatten the tummy & reduce cellulite
  • Lift, firm and strengthen (flatten)
  • sagging abdomen, buttocks & thighs
  • Accelerate muscles build up in men
  • Tone, firm and strengthen abs, midriff bulge, pecs, biceps
  • Enhance the results of physical exercise programs

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