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Solid State Diathermy SSD-500

Solid State Diathermy SSD-500

Radio Frequency Shortwave Diathermy

SWD 500 SS

First in nation, Solid State Shortwave Diathermy for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

SWD-SS with solid state generator presents Shortwave Diathermy in its most advanced induction field circuitry provides a short-wave frequency of 27.12 MHz that penetrates deep into muscle tissues with negligible heating in the fatty layer or bone. Ideal for professionals or trained personnel in physiotherapy, rehabilitation or Hospital setup.


  • Power generation via a high efficiency microprocessor controlled, solid state amplifier.
  • Fully adjustable pulse rate and pulse width
  • Selectable continuous and pulsed power modes
  • 300/400 Watt in continuous mode
  • 500 Watt in pulsed mode
  • Automatic Resonance Tuning System
  • Automatic monitoring of distributed energy transfer to applicators
  • 7” LCD Color Screen Easy-to-use controls and readouts
  • Modular design, easy assembling of applicators through modular sections and easy service process
  • Auto Protection Safety and effective circuitry
  • Application upgrade in the field through the service mode (easy upgrade the application and fixing the problem on client side)

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