Company : ALVO Medical

Category : Facilities Management

ALVO Serenada-C

The specialised operating table ALVO SERENADA-C perfectly harmonizes with the needs of your catherization suite. The floating table top performs smooth, fluent x-y movements to provide precise and safe patient positioning. The carbon fibre table top with 360 translucency ensures optimal imaging outcomes.

ALVO Serenada-C can be controlled via ALVO Integra system build in the wall or hanging on a ceiling pendent near the operating field. Your cathlab operating table ALVO SERENADA-C and your imaging source can now be managed from one spot!

ALVO Operating Tables improve the daily clinical routine, offering comfort and fulfilling all performance demands of a surgical team. ALVO Tables have been designed for all kinds of surgical operations. Ease-of-use, versatility and optimised access to the operating area increase working ergonomics for the surgical team.

ALVO Tables can be controlled using wire controller or optionally by wireless controller, control panel, or OR touch panel of the ALVO Integra system.

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