Company : ALVO Medical

Category : Facilities Management

ALVO Integra

ALVO Integra is the perfect solution for the modern operating room within premises of hospitals and healthcare facilities. It is a complete integration of all devices and has an advanced form of imaging.

ALVO Integra is a digital, future-proof operating room system that offers complete integration of medical devices and clinical image inside the operating room, between multiple operating rooms as well as beyond the hospital (eg. with reference hospital, auditorium...). ALVO Integra can be configured and expanded according to individual customers’ needs, with lower costs.

ALVO Integra is a solution built on the IP network to boost operational efficiency, increase patient safety and generate more hospital revenue. IP’s open architecture is a basis for standardization. This minimizes long term ownership costs.

ALVO Integra enables intuitive control of medical equipment and devices in operating theater using wireless touch panel. The most important features are optical fiber, easy expansion of the system and IP-based solution.

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