Company : ALVO Medical

Category : Facilities Management

Mobile Hospital Trolley

ALVO Transpa is a mobile hospital trolley which enables to transfer the patient anywhere within the hospital. Its mobile structure allows to use it in any place, especially where it is not possible to install a fixed patient transfer unit. ALVO Transpa uses a special rolling belt system in order to smoothly slide the patient on/off the hospital bed.

In most hospitals a common technique of transferring the patient is by pulling the patient across, in an inconvenient bent-over position, This technique produce the 40% of health cases among the hospital professionals. The ALVO Transpa system based on a regular hospital trolley, with rolling belt to smoothly roll the patients to and from an operating table or a hospital bed, is significant innovation in patient transfer. Its ergonomic design enables to move smoothly around the hospital. Easy and comfortable to move thanks to its big, easy-roll and swivel castors.

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