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TS-505 Advanced Digital Alternating Air Mattress & Pump System

TS-505 Advanced Digital Alternating Air Mattress & Pump System

Advanced Digital Alternating Air Mattress & Pump System (TS-505) contains patented CPR quick valve which is equipped for fast deflation of the air mattress so as to facilitate the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

  • TS-505 consists of Retainer Air Cell that prevents air cell from being over-inflated as well as reinforce each air cell of the mattress proportionally inflated.
  • High grade PU cover sheet is waterproof, moisture permeable, shear force reduction.
  • Power Safety Management: 3-pin detachable power plug can be detached from the main compressor that can prevent the loss of function
  • The function of CPC connectors can easily connect the ventilated tubes to keep the air in the air cells in case of power failure.

Technical Specification:


Advanced Digital Alternating Air Mattress & Pump System
Control Unit   Input Power   AC 110V/60Hz or AC220-240V/50Hz
  Power Consumption   10W max.
  Dimensions   L26 x W8 x H13cm
  Weight   Approx. 1.5 kgs
  Air Flow Rate   Approx. 8LPM
  Appliance Category   Class I. Type BF
  Certification   CE, EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2, IEC 60601-1 Edition 3.1  FCC 47 CFR PART 18
  Model TS-505  5" Overlay
Air Mattress   No. of Cells   5" 21 cells
  Dimensions   L200 x W85 x H13cm
  Weight   Approx. 4.2kgs
  Cell Materials   Nylon / TPU
  Cover Materials   Polyester / PU
  Weight Capacity   30-150 kgs
  Emergency   CPR Valve for rapid deflation
  Static Head Cells

  Provides stability under the head/neck and reduce sleep disturbance


  • Visual and Audible safety alarm system, designed to auto detect and alert to caregiver in case of abnormal power failure or low pressure
  • Nursing / Auto Firm Mode provides maximum inflate to assist user in transport or other nursing procedures. The Max. inflate function will be auto canceled after 30 minutes and return to last setting selected.
  • Panel Lock can locks out all button functions to prevent accidentally changes , except for Nursing/ Auto Firm Mode. Press the button again to unlock
  • Auto Dual Mode, the function enables Alternating and Static Modes to rotate every one hour.

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