Deluxe Delivery Table

Size: - 183cm (72"), x 69cm (27"), H - 84cm (33")


  • Stainless steel top made in 3 sections fabricated mainly of 1.22mm (18 SWG) thick stainless steel sheets. Flat pieces welded to the horizontal supports.
  • The backrest adjustable on auto ratchet arrangement, which consist on of 12mm Æ Stainless steel rod.
  • The entire tabletop give head low / up position by screw system, provided with thrust ball bearing.
  • L bent lithotomy rods made of 16 mm Æ stainless steel. These adjustable by 2-clamp levers 10mm Æ S.S.
  • The entire head low / up arrangement mounted on rectangular frame, with rectangular S.S. tube support.
  • Leg section made of 1.22mm (18 SWG) stainless steel; Leg end section can slide completely under the main frame by telescopic mechanism.
  • This frame hinged on the tubular base,
  • waste collecting S.S. bowl provided rest on S.S. bracket made of 9.5mm Æ S.S. rod.


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