Synthes Asia Pacific

Synthes Asia Pacific

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AboutSynthes Asia Pacific

Synthes Asia Pacific

Synthes is a leading global medical device company. We develop, produce and market instruments, implants and biomaterials for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of the human skeleton and its soft tissues. We are present in every continent of the world and employ approximately 7600 employees.

Innovative pioneer

Products bearing the brand name Synthes are a familiar sight in virtually every operating room. We are the world leader in traumatology, rank among the top three companies for spinal devices and continue to remain at the forefront of the cranio-maxillofacial business. However, we do not rest on these achievements. We are an innovative pioneer in the field of biomaterials such as resorbable implants and bone graft substitutes, and we lead the way in non-fusion technologies by developing nucleus and total intervertebral disc replacements.

Quality, innovation and consistent customer orientation

By continuously developing better solutions, Synthes lays the foundations for its excellent market position. Our goal is to provide the safest and most advanced implants, instruments and technologies that ensure reliable operating procedures, rapid recovery and a painfree life after surgery. We guarantee high quality, constant innovation and consistent customer orientation. Working closely together with surgeons in hospitals all over the world, our product development teams of scientists, engineers and product managers identify real clinical needs. This provides the basis for developing products with increased benefits for patients, surgeons and OR personnel.

Medically approved products

Synthes and the AO Foundation cooperate in close partnership. AO stands for “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthese” (Association for the Study of Osteosynthesis). In the surgical community, this non-profit, surgeon-guided organization is seen as pioneer in terms of research, development, clinical investigation and education in the treatment of fractures and disorders of the locomotor system. Via a subsidiary, the AO Foundation holds the licenses for all products with the brand name Synthes.

As licensee, we develop, produce and market these products. As a totally independent, medically guided institution, the Technical Commission of the Foundation ensures that clinical studies are performed to prove the validity and quality of every new product before it receives the seal of approval of the Synthes brand. Because of this careful scrutiny of all new instruments and implants, surgeons throughout the world have great confidence in our products, knowing that such devices have been thoroughly tested and evaluated.

Dedicated to health

It is our staff who have brought Synthes to its prominent position through their daily achievements and high motivation. Whether a product developer, mechanic, sales representative, logistics expert, marketing specialist or accountant, all our staff have one thing in common: their enthusiasm for work that benefits health and improves patients’ quality of life.