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Richard Wolf GmbH

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AboutRichard Wolf GmbH

Based in Germany, Richard Wolf GmbH (Richard Wolf) has always been a driving force in endoscopy. With a unique background of experience and expertise Richard Wolf produces endoscopes and modular system solutions for all medical fields. Superb ideas in the development of new products, innovative concepts for complex systems and the highest quality in both function and design provide the basis for high quality endoscopes and equipment. The latest manufacturing processes guarantee products and systems distinguished by their quality and safety. Richard Wolf is one of the first endoscope companies to be certified by an accredited test organization for medical devices in compliance with ISO 9001 (EN ISO 13485), guaranteeing our customers proven quality. To promote the success of minimally invasive procedures, Richard Wolf maintains a continuous dialogue with experienced physicians, always striving for better instruments and less radical diagnostic and surgical methods. Richard Wolf products are distributed worldwide in countries including Africa, America, Asia, Australia/Ozeania, Europe and Germany. Richard Wolf operates through a network of subsidiaries located in Austria, Belgium, France, India, the UK, US, Germany and the UAE.


This category includes instruments used in diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, gynecological laparoscopy / pelviscopy, hysterectomy and vaginoscopy / amnioscopy.


Richard Wolf offers a complete product range for all customary arthroscopic procedures for Knee / upper ankle joint, Hand / Small Joint and hip.

Spine Column Surgery

This category includes instruments used in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery on the lumbar spine, thoracic spine surgery and epiduroscopy.


Richard Wolf produces special instrument sets that significantly simplify endoscopic neurosurgery procedures. The product line includes sets with integrated working, suction and irrigation channels, and sets for controlling flexible accessory instruments.


This category includes endoscopes and instruments for thoracoscopy and mediastinoscopy.

Hygiene / Instrument Reprocessing

This category includes telescope reprocessing baskets, special reprocessing baskets, sterilization basket system, RIWO system tray, disinfection basins "RIWO-BOX", sterile water reprocessing, reprocessing equipment and anti fog products.

Operating Room (OR) Concept

Richard Wolf acts as a system integrator of integrated OR concept core, and offers top-class innovative products as well as specialist consultation and planning services. Additional services include organization of the installation and commissioning of system solution and formulation of tailored service concepts for clients.

Industrial Endoscopes

Industrial endoscopes are used for inspection of car and aircraft engines during repair, monitoring of product quality during production, condition analysis of buildings and other structures, inspection of production tanks, plants and road vehicles by police, safety engineering of rooms, rescue services, detection of leakage points in food pharmaceutical and chemical production. Industrial endoscopes produced by Richard Wolf include rigid borescopes, flexible fiberscopes, special borescope and swivel prism borescopes.

Endoscopy for veterinary medicine

In the veterinary products domain Richard Wolf offers products and systems in the areas of Arthroscopy, Bronchoscopy, Gynaecology, Laparoscopy, Lithotripsy, Rhinoscopy, Otoscopy, Thoracoscopy and Urology.