Qiagen Gmbh Corporate Business Development

Qiagen Gmbh Corporate Business Development

Dr. Helmut Hilbert
QIAGEN Strasse 1
40724 Hilden, Germany

AboutQiagen Gmbh Corporate Business Development

Qiagen Gmbh

QIAGEN, the Netherlands-based leading provider of innovative technologies and products for molecular diagnostics solutions and preanalytical sample preparation worldwide, focuses on optimisation and diversification of its technology solutions in general molecular biology research, novel technologies, RNAi synthesis, molecular testing, to name a few.

QIAGEN has developed a comprehensive portfolio of more than 500 proprietary, consumable products and automated solutions for sample collection, nucleic acid and protein handling, separation and purification. Our customers include leading players in the areas of pharma, biotechnology companies and academic research.

Over 50 new products for preanalytical sample management launched by us include the validated and launched testing solutions for avian flu (H5N1) virus surveillance. The world’s first and largest product portfolio for integrated genome-wide RNAi and SYBR Green-based RT-PCR assays is significant among all.


QIAGEN technologies facilitate DNA testing of tiny samples in forensic applications easier. Its solutions are ideal for detection and differentiation of pathogens.


Our latest fully automated protocol for translation process – MagAttract Virus IC protocol v2.0 for purification of viral nucleic acids – makes laboratory research much faster.