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AboutMOCOM Srl

Sterilization essentially means practically eliminating all the micro organisms on the instruments and equipment. Micro organisms are present on almost every object in nature and many of them can pose serious threat to the human health in the form of infection leading to dangerous diseases. Hence, the purpose of sterilization process is to eliminate the bacteria, viruses, and spores on the instruments and equipment used in treatment and surgery.

Established in 1987, MOCOM Srl (MOCOM) manufactures steam sterilization systems that are used in hospitals and other healthcare institutions for sterilizing medical and surgical instruments and equipment. MOCOM is one of leading manufacturers of small autoclaves in the world and was one of the first Italian companies to produce a steam sterilizer essentially designed to sterilise instruments used in dental surgeries. Over the years, the company grew steadily simultaneously developing new sterilization systems designed to increase the general performance of equipment by enhancing the level of safety as well as effectiveness. MOCOM is a member of UNI (Italian National Association for Standardization) and CEN (European Standardization Committee). The broad range of steam sterilizers manufactured by MOCOM includes:


  • Millennium series of steam sterilizers
  • Exacta steam sterilizer
  • Basic Plus steam sterilizer


  • Vertical integrated system - Millrack
  • Thermo sealer - Millseal
  • Ultrasound cleaner - Mach 3/ Mach9
  • Automatic water distiller - Milldrop
  • Water distiller - Stillo
  • Printer - Cyclus
  • Capsule amalgamator – Vibros
  • Thermo disinfecteur – Millwashing