LBN Medical A/S

LBN Medical A/S

Gugvej 70
DK-9210 Aalborg SØ

AboutLBN Medical A/S

LBN Medical is one of the leading companies in reselling pre-owned and refurbished medical equipment. The company has strong roots – it was founded in 2003 by Lars Braun Nielsen and Jan Brandrup, under the name of Epoka Medic Mission. It started with only two employees, but the staff count gradually increased to more than 40 professionals today. We are based in our headquarters in Aalborg and have representatives situated in Russia and the U.S.

LBN Medical provides equipment within the medical imaging area, with new, pre-owned and refurbished systems catering the needs of healthcare professionals all around the world. The product range includes ultrasound units, along with the proper transducers probes, Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners (MRIs) as well as Computed Tomography systems (CT systems). Furthermore, customers are offered a wide range of quality X-ray systems, such as C-arms, Mammography units, RAD rooms, and much more.

The medical equipment is fully tested, inspected, and verified by LBN Medical. Several trained engineers take care of the devices when received in our inventory and perform thorough tests of all systems. This is to ensure that they live up to our standards and meet the expectations of our customers. Customers also have the possibility to customize the products with different options, and decide the level of refurbishment.