Global Medisafe Holdings Pty. Ltd.

Global Medisafe Holdings Pty. Ltd.

P.O. BOX 163, Newcastle N.S.W,
Australia 2300

AboutGlobal Medisafe Holdings Pty. Ltd.

Australia-based Global Medisafe Holdings Pty. Ltd. (GMS) has been established as a commercial project to produce pharmaceutical products that have increasing and world-wide demand. GMS produces a range of retractable and auto-retractable syringes that are considered to be safe, cost effective, and easy to use. GMS has produced these retractable and auto-retractable safety syringes with the sole intention to bring down the number deadly infections due to needle stick injuries.

Accidental needle stick injuries are quiet common among doctors, nurses, paramedics, and health workers world over. Needle stick injuries can pass deadly infections of HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Malaria, TB, Herpes, and many other infectious diseases. A typical contaminated syringe can contain more than 20 viruses. It is estimated that up to $1 billion is spent in the U.S. annually in the testing and treatment of accidental needle stick injuries.

Retractable Syringes

The innovative retractable syringes produced by GMS have needle retraction feature where needles are retracted into the syringe after administration of the injection. This makes the syringe unusable and redundant thereby eliminating the risk of needle stick injury. GMS currently have five products on offer that eliminate the risk of needle stick injury. The products do not compete, but compliment each other, serving different purposes & catering to worldwide variances in legislation & standard practises. The following are the products offered by GMS:

  • Extendable Needle Retractable Syringe
  • Exchangeable Needle Retractable Syringe
  • Extendable Needle Auto Retractable Syringe
  • Exchangeable Needle Auto Retractable Syringe
  • Exchangeable Needle Retractable Syringe

GMS’s project has been proved viable, and has a market dimension that is yet to be quantified. It is certain, though that its position in the world market will be significant. Due to careful and methodical development and powerful inventiveness, GMS has progressed a concept through the design stages to move towards the objective: large scale manufacture, distribution and sales. GMS is making serious efforts to distribute its products in all the continents. In this endeavour, it is soliciting distributors for the markets in United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, USA, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia.