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BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited

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AboutBPL Medical Technologies Private Limited

BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited formerly known as BPL Healthcare - has been recognized as one of the first home-grown companies in the field of healthcare with emphasis on serving the unending needs of the industry. The company is one of India’s most widely recognized, awarded and respected brands with its five decades of service to the medical fraternity. Established in 1963, the company has achieved the unique position of a trustworthy medical device manufacturer with its constant deliverance of post-sale services and its largest sales distribution network and this has earned the company the status quo of being industry’s top 5 players in the medical devices space.

With a wide network of customer care centres backed by a team of 600 service personnel located in every part across the country, the company has made fast service a reality, making it the largest and the most accessible medical equipment company. The company has one of the largest indirect distribution networks in India with more than hundred Authorized Sales and Service Dealers (ASSD).

An ISO 9001:2008 organization, BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited has created a mark for itself in the medical equipment industry with its wide portfolio of innovative, reliable and durable products. Known for producing superior products, BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited manufactures products in an ISO 13485 certified production unit, which has the capability for discrete and flow manufacturing. The company ensures manufacturing of products with global standards of quality assurance and best practices. Most of the products from BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited are certified by European Quality Standards such as CE.

The product range of BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited has expanded to include Electrocardiograph, Patient Monitor, Defibrillator, Central Nursing Station, Holter, Stress Test System, Foetal and Maternal Monitor, Foetal Doppler, Colposcope, Ultrasound Scanner, X-ray, Oxygen Concentrator, Infusion Pump, Surgical Diathermy, Color Doppler and Mobile Healthcare Solution.  Each of these products has made a mark in the respective fields of healthcare, thereby providing faster, convenient and reliable diagnostic solutions. We would be shortly foraying into high end imaging & Women-Childcare medical equipments to capture a larger foot print in equipment market.

The company is committed in continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its products through constant reinvention. With a mission to drive customer satisfaction with its wide range of products and services, BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited intends to build long-term loyalty by partnering with customers to help achieve their success.

Cardiart 7108 – 3 Channel ECG

With compact, lightweight and portable design, Cardiart 7108 is a convenient electrocardiograph device that enhances the workflow in any clinical setting. A user selectable three channel ECG recorder, Cardiart 7108 enables the storage of last ECG recorded. It can be operated on both automatic and manual recording modes, and this makes it a user-friendly device. It features a built-in rechargeable battery. It can be directly operated from mains as well. Cardiart 7108 also enables thermal printing on 60 mm paper and printing of user-selectable rhythm lead trace up to 100 seconds. Stored and real-time ECG readings acquired through this device can be transferred to PC through USB.

BPL LifePhone PlusTM – Mobile Healthcare Solution

A revolutionary all-in-one health monitoring device, BPL LifePhone PlusTM brings to you the ease of measuring ECG, blood glucose, heart rate, the amount of calories burnt, and also helps in obtaining feedback through remote monitoring from the physicians. Comprising of four stainless-steel electrodes -- two at the front and two at rear end of the device – BPL LifePhone Plus TM makes contact with the patient’s skin helping to obtain accurate 12 leads through a simple four step process. It is compact with 70 grams weight and is compatible with Android/J2ME phones with 2G/3G connections. The operational temperature is between 00 C to 350 C.

DF 2617 - Defibrillator

A bi-phasic defibrillator, DF 2617 uses current controlled biphasic defibrillation waveform for shock delivery. This is to ensure that the current is optimal, which in turn cause minimal damage to the heart tissues. The defibrillator features 100 charge/discharge of 300J with fully charged new battery. It enables the recording of up to 24 events. The LCD for sharp bright non-fade display enables a thorough viewing of the events. DF 2617 also comes with a noiseless thermal printing technology, which will eliminate the disturbance caused to the patient by normal thermal printers.

SmartSign S10w – 10.1’’ Wide Multipara Monitor

A multi-para patient monitor with a 10.1" wide display monitor, SmartSign S10w provides enhanced patient monitoring experience. Equipped with Masimo SpO2 that offer best performance, the device enables pace maker detection, auto recording, intelligent alarms, alarm silence option, pitch tone variation for SpO2 monitoring and waveform smoothening option. It provides increased clinical confidence in measuring the basic vital parameters - ECG, SpO2, NiBP, RESP and TEMP. SmartSign S10w also facilitates 720 hours Trend, 1000 NiBP reviews, 14 waveform and 2 hours waveform review. It helps in detecting multiple arrhythmias in ECG and ST elevation-depression of ECG, thus diagnosing decreased cardiac condition accurately.

ECUBE 9 Diamond – Color Doppler

BPL-ALPINION Colour Doppler systems provide excellent image quality, compact and optimal space management, and high productivity. The BPL-ALPINION E-CUBE series include E-CUBE 15, E-CUBE 9D and E-CUBE 7 ultrasound systems equipped with high-end features enabling better practices for all obstetrics, gynaecology, radiology, cardiology, vascular, urology and other imaging applications. With innovative real time 3D/4D packages for advanced imaging, E-CUBE 9D provides high resolution 3D/4D images acquired through superior 3D rendering process. The system has a 19” wide LED monitor, advanced transducers, Filtered Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Tissue Doppler Imaging, Speckle Reduction Imaging, and Cardiac SR. The system delivers uniform image quality and crystal clear images to clinicians.