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Soothing Plastic Compound Medical Consumables

Single Use Disposable product range:

Breathing Products

Oxygen Supply Tube: Available as smooth lumen or star lumen, clear or green, cut lengths supplied with soft moulded connectors. Standard lengths are: 2m, 2.15m, 3m, 4.5m and 6m. Alternate lengths are available to order. Continuous rolls without connectors are made in 10m, 30m and 30m bubble lengths.

Nasal Cannula: Over ears style cannula has soft, straight double prong nasal pieces in sizes suitable for adults, children and infants. The cannulas are supplied with an adaptor for fitting to our standard moulded tube connector or can be supplied connected to a specified length of oxygen supply tube.

Suction Products

Suction Tube: Available in standard 5.5mm ID and heavy duty 6.8mm ID fitted with soft expandable connectors or funnel type moulded connectors. Standard lengths are 1m, 2m, 3m, 4.5m and 6m. Alternate lengths are available to order. Continuous rolls without connectors are made in 30m and 30m bubble lengths. Wide bore (9.7mm ID) tube for high suction high flow applications comes in standard lengths of 2.5m and 3m. Suction tube is available as both non-sterile and sterile.

Suction Curette: Styles of rigid straight, rigid curved and flexible Karman in sizes ranging from 6mm to 12mm dia.

Suction Catheter: Straight, Y suction and portsmouth types, varying sizes and lengths with distal and lateral suction eyes and closed / directional tip.

Infusion / Perfusion and Other Products

Various products including IV Infusion Sets, IV Extension lines, Perfuser Tubes, Gas extension lines, Ryles tubes, Stomach / Oesophageal tubes, Rectal catheters, all available in various sizes and configurations or made to specific design.

Laparoscopic Products

Insufflation Filter / Extension Line Set: High filtration efficiency, hydrophobic filter with 3m flow contoured extension line with luer lock connector. Optional filter styles permit direct connection to most insufflation machines.

Insufflation Needle: High flow needle used in conjunction with our Filter / Extension line to establish the initial pneumoperitoneum.

Suction / Irrigation Set: Contoured trumpet style flow control valve fitted with twin, co-joined suction / irrigation tube 3m long. Suction tube is fitted with soft, expandable fitting for connection to suction trap or port. Optional single or dual spike fittings with shut-off clamps are provided on the irrigation tube.

Suction / Irrigation Cannula: Stainless steel cannula is available in 5mm, 6mm and 10mm outside diameter by 330mm long. A threaded connecting nut fitted to the cannula allows rapid changing of the cannula size. The distal end is contoured to provide an atraumatic tip with suction relief openings.

Moulded Products

Amniotic Perforator: A smoothly contoured tip provides a safe device to enable the controlled breaking of the amniotic membrane. Supplied sterile in peel pouch.
Kidney Dish: Made in 700mL size with graduations, the kidney dish is available in clear, green, yellow or blue.

Pillcup / Medicine Measure: Graduated cups in sizes 30mL, 40mL and 60mL.

Galipot: Graduated galipots in 60mL, 150mL and 450mL.