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The ProSound 10 is a diagnostic ultrasound system that delivers ultimate imaging performance. The Compound Pulse Wave Generator can control the movement of individual transducer elements to best match the conditions and thereby optimize the shape of the transmission waveform and offer a sharper ultrasound beam with suppressed side lobe artifacts. The transmitted ultrasound beam is free from unnecessary components, thus reducing the time required for post-processing and increasing the frame rate even under routine conditions. The 12-bit A/D converter, which has an extremely wide dynamic range for capturing and processing echo signals from the weakest to the strongest, ensures exceptional contrast resolution for unmatched visualization of subtle differences in tissue density.

The eFLOW (Extended Flow) realizes high-resolution display of blood flow. The blood flow display performance of the a 10 is optimized by dramatically improving the transmission and reception system of ultrasound signals. The a 10 features a unique real-time 3D (4D) package with a fast volume rate. The high volume rate results in smooth movement of the fetus in real time, increasing the satisfaction of obstetric patients and improving diagnostic capability.

It also features 360-degree omni-directional rotation and multi-planar display (simultaneous display of arbitrary 3 sections and a 4D image).

The 3D transducer is designed to decrease the procedure time by allowing the examiner to use one probe also as an ordinary 2D probe for numerous imaging modes including 2D, M-mode, Color Power and Spectral Doppler modes.

Real-time FAM (Free Angular M-mode): Up to three cursors can be set on a B-mode image at arbitrary positions and directions, providing M-mode information that cannot be acquired with conventional methods. e TRACKING (Echo Tracking) automatically tracks vessel wall motion and measures vessel diameter in real time with an exceptional accuracy of 0.01 mm (at 10 MHz).

Furthermore, the ?10 responds flexibly to diverse storage and management modalities. You can choose from a variety of formats and media to meet your specific applications. Patient information, examination conditions, and information for measurement on a viewer are attached with the image data to secure and integrate the information obtained from the patients.