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UF Health Shands board invests $415 million for new hospital

UF Health Shands board invests $415 million for new hospital

Introduction :

UF Health Shands board approved $415 million fund for the construction of a new specialty hospital. Construction will begin in early 2015, and will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Features :

The new specialty hospital will be house towers for neuromedicine and cardiovascular services.

The new specialty hospital is in Archer Road just east of the UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital , and will have 216 beds, including 120 ICU beds and 20 operating rooms with the latest technology. There will also be 600 parking spaces to accommodate patients and families. The neuromedicine and cardiovascular towers provide care to patients with neurologic, neurosurgical, heart or vascular conditions.

Specifications :

Company Name UF Health Shands
Location Florida
Construction Type New Construction
Project Starting Year 2015
Ending Year 2017
Estimated Cost $415 million



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