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Sysmex Renews Agreement to Distribute EasyCell assistant Hematology Imaging System from Medica

Sysmex America Inc., the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, has announced they have renewed their agreement with Medica Corporation to distribute Medica's EasyCell® assistant for digital cell image analysis in hematology laboratories. The EasyCell assistant analyzer automates and simplifies the cell differential process by locating and pre-classifying white blood cells. It is ideal for small to mid-size hospital laboratories desiring greater productivity, more accurate results, and better quality of care. "We are pleased to provide automated cell image analysis to our mid-market customers," said Ralph Taylor, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Business Development and Medical Affairs, Sysmex. "With its fast learning curve, simple operation, and remote connectivity for real-time collaboration between clinicians, the EasyCell assistant is ideal for hematology laboratories desiring faster turnaround times, ease of use and maintenance, and reduced training requirements. Sysmex is fully committed to delivering a comprehensive automation solution to labs of any size to help them meet the challenges of increased testing, declining reimbursement and ongoing staff shortages. The EasyCell assistant brings a new level of automation to mid market labs that can help clinicians streamline their work by evaluating patient needs more quickly." Medica's cell imaging analyzer may reduce technologist review times by up to 50% compared to microscopes while helping the technologist achieve improved accuracy and efficiency. "The EasyCell assistant supports the technologist by substantially cutting the time required to perform manual blood cell differentials and correctly classify normal cells," said Robert Hagopian, President and CEO, Medica Corporation. "It enables the technologist to quickly review the suggested classifications and then devote more time to the analysis of abnormal cells." EasyCell assistant offers true walkaway automation The EasyCell assistant employs sophisticated optical pattern recognition software to automatically locate white cells on a blood smear. It digitally stores their images, pre-classifies them, and then presents them for review — grouped by cell type — on an LCD display. The assistant also presents images of red cells and platelets, enabling red cell morphology and platelet estimates. With its 30-position carousel, the EasyCell assistant offers true walk-away operation and a stat slide port permits immediate testing without disrupting a sample run. Optional EasyCell Remote Review Software allows the networking of multiple EasyCell assistant workstations, both onsite and in outside clinics and practices. This unique feature facilitates the review of files and immediate collaboration and image access for technologists and pathologists. Source: Medica Corporation Project Name digital cell image analysis in hematology laboratories Location USA Commence 2013 Completion NA Estimated Investment NA Capacity NA Key Players Sysmex America Inc and Medica Corporation

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