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GE Healthcare invests 28 million euros in Finland's Health Sector

GE Healthcare invests 28 million euros in Finland's Health Sector


American healthcare company GE Healthcare announced plans to create a hub for the development of medical data transfer technology in Vallila, Helsinki with an investment of EUR 28.5 million.


GE Healthcare's new expertise hub offers an excellent opportunity for establishing contacts with the global market leader's networks and developing new expertise for Finnish growth companies and research organisations.

Tekes will support GE's research programme with EUR 10 million in funding. The company will also recruit fifty software developers to supplement its expertise.

"Healthcare technology is swiftly developing into one of Finland's most important high-tech fields, and the field's growth prospects are excellent. The choice by GE Healthcare, a large international enterprise, to situate its expertise hub for digital healthcare in Finland is proof of this. The investment will improve our status as a global pioneer of digital healthcare," says Minister of Social Affairs and Health Laura Räty.


Company Name GE Healthcare
Location Helsinki, Finland
Type Hub for Medical Data Transfer Technology
Duration 3 Years
Estimated Cost EUR 28.5 million 

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