Ophthalmologists use several techniques during surgeries. Trivitron has tied up with Technolas Perfect Vision to  bring leading technologies in LASIK surgery that seamlessly integrate with any practice, allowing medical practitioners to offer highly personalized ophthalmic surgeries to their patients.
The products offered by Trivitron include:


  • LASIK Refractive Cataract System – VICTUS
  • Presbyopic solution- Supracor / Intracor
  • Zyoptix® Laser
  • Zyoptix® Diagnostic Workstation
  • XP Microkeratome
  • Technolas Femtosecond Workstation 520f
  • Software Modules (applications)
  • Therapeutic Treatments


Other Products

Lab Diagnostics - In-Vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Critical Care & Life Support Solutions

Imaging Sciences

Cardiology and Implantable Devices (CID)