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Lab Diagnostics - In-Vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Lab Diagnostics - In-Vitro diagnostics (IVD)

From diagnostic kits to analysers and reagents, Trivitron has expertise in the area of precision, offering a wide range of solutions combining Clinical Chemistry, Haemotology, Microbiology, Immunology, Point of Care diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Histopathology and other niche areas like Neo-Natal screenings, Electrophoresis, Diabetic testing, etc.
Clinical chemistry of Trivitron lab diagnostics has


  • Konelab, the fully automated clinical chemistry analysers
  • Konelab system packs
  • Nanolab 240 from Trivitron Healthcare
  • Nanolab 150 from Trivitron Healthcare
  • Labmate 10 Plus from Trivitron Healthcare



Electrolyte analyzers with Trivitron are Elite that is ISE-based analyzer for Na+, Li +, K+ and CL-and LablyteTM is a compact electrolyte analyzer

Clinical electrophoresis has fully automated systems like Capillarys 2/ flex piercing, MinicapFP, Hydrasys 2/ Scan and Manual K 20.

Haematology / Pathology has advanced fully automated 3 part differential hematology analyzers called Cellenium 19 Haematology Analyser, Cellenium Junior Haematology Analyser and High Quality Hematology Analyzer Reagents.

Linear chemicals section has Automated ESR Analyzers namely IRIA, LENA and THERMA - NE.

Coagulation has Trivitrimer 1001 – a single channel system, Trivitrimer 1002 – a double channel system and Trivitrimer 1004 – a fully automated four channel system, of own manufacturing.

Urine analysis has Urimate 100, an advanced high luminosity technology and Urimate STRP, an automated urine analysis system.

Sperm quality analyzer has SQA - V Gold that is a fully automated analytical medical device that performs a complete quantitative evaluation of semen quality and semen parameters in less than 2 minutes.

Microbiology equipments include fully automated and available as Versatrek, Aris 2, Autoreader, Vizion, and Autoinoculator.

Molecular diagnostics equipment is also fully automated and available as Rotor-Gene Q, QIAcube, QIAgility, and QIAxcel.

Cytology has ThinPrep 2000 is an automated PAP Smear processor for GYN & Non-GYN specime.

Point-of-care Diagnostics instruments and kits are for cardiac care with Cardiac Biomarker, CardiaChek, Clover, Hb Meter, Rapid test for Pregnancy test,ID.

Immunology has ELISA Kits for Neonatal Blood Screening for Neonatal Blood Screening.


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