Company : Orthotech India

Category : Orthopaedics

Total Hip System

Total Hip System and Custom made hip replacement system is an FDA, ISO 13485 approved implant available in polished, collarless Gen-X series 3 options stems, Muller 3 option stems, Standard 2 option stems and Round Back Modular 2 option stems in SS 316L and Titanium.  Furthermore, Acetabular cups in 22mm, 28mm and 32mm inner diameter in LPW & 100 design with outer diameter from 40mm to 56mm in 2mm difference.  Modular Femur Head 28mm and 32mm head diameter with six different neck lengths namely: +6mm, +3mm, 0mm, -3mm and -6mm in each. Cement restrictor and Centralizer in 9mm and 11mm diameter are made of internationally approved UHMWPE polyethylene.

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