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Spirometry Accessories

Spirometry Accessories

Spirometry is one of the least invasive test,s as it only requires the patient to hold the flow head in his hand and blow into it.

The device parts that are meant to come into contact with the patient are thus the most delicate in terms of safety and cleanliness and this is precisely the reason why most spirometry accessories are not reusable.

The so called viral-bacterial filters, for instance, are usually made of a special material that traps the viruses and bacteria which can be naturally contained in the patient's breath along with any sort of expectorated material, preventing the spirometer from becoming a cross contamination carrier.

These kinds of filtersare usually disposable and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes according to the device brand and model. Tecnocarta supplies VB filters for Cosmed, Customed, Fukuda, Medical Graphics, Micromedical, MIR, Sensormedics, Sibel and Vitalograph devices of the highest quality available.

On the viral-bacterial filter is mounted the cardboard mouthpiece, which can be either regular or pre-filtered. Just like filters, mouthpieces are disposable and their size depends on the spirometer type.

Tecnocarta supplies all existing kinds of mouthpieces, along with single-use noseclips that help the patient to blow correctly into the device.

Last but not least, the spirometry test data are recorded on paper, which is Tecnocarta's natural element.

Filters, mouthpieces, noseclips and recording paper – Tecnocarta has everything you need for your spirometry.

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