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La Tecnocarta Srl

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Medical Gels

Medical Gels

Tecnocarta's medical gels find use in a very large variety of diagnostic examinations: ultrasound scans, radiofrequency treatments, tecartherapy and hair removal (Intense Pulsed Light, laser). All gels are CE marked and have all required chemical features: hypoallergenic, salt-free, water-soluble, non-greasy and highly conductive. Gels for radiofrequency and hair removal also have a very low viscosity and refraction level.

They aresupplied in the most popular sizes (5 liters, 1 liter, 250 ml), with the 5 liter pack also including a special empty refill bottle for a more comfortable day-to-day application.

Ultrasound gel can beblue or transparent, whereas radiofrequency cream is white and ECG gel comes in pink. IPL & laser gel is transparent.

Tecnocarta's gel quick overview:

  • Ultrasound (5lt, 1lt, 250ml)
  • ECG (5lt, 1lt, 250ml)
  • Radiofrequency (1kg, 500g)
  • IPL & Laser (5lt, 250ml)

Original Parker Labsproducts complete Tecnocarta's gel range:

  • Aquasonic®100 ultrasound gel (5lt, 1lt, 250ml)
  • Sterile Aquasonic® 100 ultrasound gel pouches (20g each)
  • Aquaflex® ultrasound gel pads (20 x 90mm each)
  • Eclipse® pregelled probe covers

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