TMJOINT: The pursuit of neuromuscular stability

Orthodontics: after correction of tooth misalignment, the achievement of the neuromuscular balance, verified by means of BTS TMJOINT, will be safe from relapse.

Diagnosis and care of the dysfunctional patient: TMJOINT is a simple but highly predictive method for identifying the dysfunctional patient, and apply, as a result, suitable odonto-periodontal treatment plans, or otherwise to exclude the occlusal problems and to address the patient to other therapeutic options.

The selective grinding of occlusal surfaces, both natural and artificial (fillings, dentures) can be implemented not only using the conventional method with occlusion foil, but also guided by EMG (Ciusa et al., 2000). In this case the control by EMG can better highlight the existence of an alteration in the neuromuscular system (Ferrario et al., 1998a; Tartaglia et al., 2001).

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