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Marquette General Announces New Hospital Construction Plan

Marquette General Hospital and Duke LifePoint Healthcare have announced plans to construct a new 265-bed hospital to replace the regional medical center facility presently located on College Ave. in Marquette. “This is an amazing development for our patients and the entire Upper Peninsula region,” said Marquette General CEO Gary Muller. “Many, many details need to be worked out, but the decision has been made to proceed with planning for a new hospital campus. Our commitment is to develop the finest healthcare facility imaginable.” Marquette General was acquired by Duke LifePoint Healthcare in September 2012 and, according to Muller, diligent research and deliberation began before the acquisition was complete to explore options for expanding and enhancing medical services at the present hospital location and evaluate feasibility of constructing a new hospital facility. Duke LifePoint committed $300 million in capital to expand and upgrade MGH over the next 10 years. The new hospital decision will accelerate the capital investment process. It will take approximately three years to plan, design and construct the new facility. Adjoining the 265-bed hospital structure, Marquette General plans to construct a 168,000-square-foot physician office building. It was estimated that expansion and renovation of the current hospital would cost approximately $230 million over several more years. Constructing a new hospital and physician office building is estimated to cost approximately $290 million. With new hospital construction in the early planning stages, a location for the facility is yet to be determined. Input on design will continue to be sought from patients, staff and physicians. Many focus groups have already taken place in regard to facility upgrades and have played an important role in arriving at the decision to construct a new hospital. The design phase of the project will take several months, with continuous input from many sources. Muller said, “Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars in capital allocated, we determined that building a true Twenty-first Century hospital is the best course for us in fulfilling our mission of providing the highest quality of care as the Upper Peninsula’s regional medical center.” Project Name Marquette General Announces New Hospital Construction Plan Location USA Commence 2013 Completion -NA- Estimated Investment $300 million USD Capacity -NA- Key Players Marquette General Hospital and Duke LifePoint Healthcare

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