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Evangelical Community Hospital Announces $72 Million Construction Project

Evangelical Community Hospital Announces $72 Million Construction Project


Evangelical Community Hospital announced its intention to take on a $72 million construction project, the largest in the history of the Hospital.


The PRIME (Patient Room Improvement, Modernization, and Enhancement) building project includes an 112,000-square-foot, 4-story new addition and includes the renovation of 20,000 square feet of existing space.

The result will be single patient rooms, each with their own private bath, as well as expanded space for outpatient services. The expansion will not change the number of beds available, but it will greatly impact the way care is delivered.

Approved unanimously by the Hospital’s Board of Directors, the project will dramatically change the way the exterior of the Hospital appears. It has been in the design phase since late 2017, is scheduled for groundbreaking in the summer of 2018, and is anticipated to take nearly three years to complete.

Private rooms bring the benefit of better infection control for patients, afford patients a better opportunity to rest and recover, and allow for more private communication between the provider, patient, and their family members.

Beyond aesthetics, the rooms have been designed to give physicians, nurses, technicians, and other team members the space they need to provide efficient care in an appropriate setting.


Name Evangelical Community Hospital
Location Pennsylvania, United States
Type Construction
Estimated Cost $72 Million



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