ClinVeda - Ayurveda clinic manager

Ayurveda solutions from Plus91 are part of a feature rich practice management bouquet for the ayurveda doctors.  The Ayurvedic clinic management contains Ayurvedic drug database for easy prescription along with easy to fill and intelligently designed Ayurveda EMRs. Modern software development methodologies are also used in Ayurvedic clinic management. The software of Ayurvedic clinic management is designed to cater to electronic patient health records, accounting and billing, prescription management, referral management, drug databases and statistics. An OPD solution is also available to manage the Ayurveda OPD setup. ClinVeda is the Ayurveda clinic management system from Plus91. Ayurveda bouquet also includes a specialized Ayurveda Adverse drug reporting system to help manage such events.

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