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Entermed Futurent

Entermed Futurent

As well as a range of larger modular ENT Treatment Units and furniture modules, Entermed offers a range of mobile treatment units. Entermed treatment units can be equipped with a wide selection of integrated functions and are available in several finishes and colours to suit every ENT consulting room. Entermed BV can also assist with the designing of an efficient and ergonomic ENT consulting room


Based on a long line of ENT treatment units, the FUTURENT® ENT treatment unit is ergonomically designed to simplify ENT procedures and improve efficiency in the ENT consulting room. The FUTURENT can accommodate a vast selection of integrated functions and a sophisticated diagnostic centre in accordance with specific requirements.
Metal, timber and other materials are combined to form the basis of an efficient, durable and patient-friendly setting. State-of-the-art electronics help optimise efficiency andminimise downtime. Modular furniture can be added to the FUTURENT®, in accordance with particular requirements, available space and budget, to create a professional ENT suite.

A combination of materials for optimum hygiene, durability and appearance:

1) Hygiene – the dual-component finish on the wooden front panels and metal parts is non-porous and easy to clean. It is resistant to alcohol and other disinfectants. The Thermopal laminated finish on the worktop is highly suited to a medical environment due to its durability and resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. The same applies to the optional Marlan worktops we offer; only this Marlan material is advantageous in that it can easily be refurbished. Moreover our drawer fronts do not have handles on them, which are unhygienic due to the accumulation of dirt and micro-organisms around them. Such handles also make it difficult to wipe the entire drawer front clean. The wide grove in the top of the drawer fronts makes for an excellent handle and it can be wiped clean effortlessly.

2) Durability – the dual-component lacquer finish on the wooden front panels and metal parts is highly durable. We have used metal for parts that are subjected to mechanical trauma and where a strong construction is required. And wood has been used where the chance of trauma is smaller to eliminate undesirable clanking sounds that metal would make. The worktop would clank whenever an item was placed on it if it were made from metal. Moreover the risk of metal getting pitted and dented in these areas would be rather high. Wood has shock and noise absorbing properties. Certain plastics have also been incorporated in the FUTURENT’s design for practical reasons and to create the right appearance.

3) Appearance – by using a combination of materials in the construction of the FUTURENT, we have achieved a design that is both pleasing to the eye and ergonomically responsible.
Its wooden carcass allows additional customised furniture and standard modular furniture to be added to make up a complete, ergonomic and appealing ENT suite.


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