Virtual Clinical Trials Conference

Virtual Clinical Trials Conference

2 December - 3 December, 2019


Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia, United States

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ExL Events

+1 866-207-6528

494 8th Ave, 4th Floor New York, NY 10001, USA

About Virtual Clinical Trials Conference

Virtual clinical trials bring the clinical trial experience to the patient. Through these VCTs, companies are expected to reduce trial costs and increase patient enrollment and participation. There are new technologies that make these trials easier to conduct and with the patient demand for more flexibility in their participation, this new way of doing business will only continue to expand for the industry.

In this ExL Forum, we will look at current and future trends for ongoing virtual trials, diving into the many ways companies can improve patient engagement and trial behavior to enhance retention with a focus on emerging technology and harmonized data access across the clinical trial system.

With the goal of a successful virtual trial in mind, we will discuss the team needed to ensure consistency in a newly developed and comprehensive VCT program. This will require the building of an optimal and collaborative network and the utilization of external partnerships, aside from technology vendors and service providers, this means healthcare providers and other partners that will only continue to advance the patient experience. Join us as we navigate this new way of conducting clinical trials!

Visitors Profile

  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Clinical Trial Innovation
  • Clinical Trial Operations
  • Clinical IT
  • Clinical Trial Supply/Supply Chain
  • Clinical Data/Data Management
  • Clinical Trial Development/Design
  • Clinical Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Scientific Affairs
  • Clinical Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Safety
  • eCoa (electronic clinical outcome assessments) Operations
  • Outsourcing
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Experience
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Trial Design Innovation
  • Virtual Trials

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