Vascular Dementia and Movement Disorders

Vascular Dementia and Movement Disorders

6 November - 7 November, 2019


Yokohama, Japan

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Conference Series LLC LTD


47 Churchfield Road, London, W3 6AY

About Vascular Dementia and Movement Disorders

Conference series LLC LTD organizes conference series all around the world in 2019; here it is our pleasure to invite you to Neuroscience conference entitled Vascular Dementia and Movement Disorders during November 6-7, 2019, at Yokohama, Japan


In Vascular Dementia, changes in thinking skills sometimes occur suddenly following strokes that block major brain blood vessels. Vascular brain changes often coexist with changes linked to other types of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies. Vascular dementia symptoms may be most obvious when they happen soon after a major stroke includes confusion, disorientation, trouble speaking or understanding speech and vision loss.


Vascular dementia is the second-most-common type of dementia in the United States and Europe in the elderly, however, it is the most common form in some parts of Asia. The incidence of the illness is 1.5% in Western countries and just about 2.2% in Japan. It accounts for 50% of all dementias in Japan, 20% to 40% in Europe and 15% in Latin America. The prevalence of dementia is 9 times higher in patients who have had a stroke than in controls. 25% of stroke patients develop new-onset dementia within 1 year of their stroke. The relative risk of incident dementia is 5.5% within 4 years of suffering a stroke.

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