The Healthcare Show 2019

The Healthcare Show 2019

26 June - 27 June, 2019

+ 44 (0)207 348 5278

ExCel, United Kingdom

Organized By:

CloserStill Media

+44 20 7348 5250

Exhibition House, 12 Addison Bridge Pl, Hammersmith, London W14 8XP, UK

About The Healthcare Show 2019

Instead of staying in your CCG or trust reinventing the wheel, why not come to the Healthcare Show, part of Health+Care, to pick up ideas and solutions to your biggest challenges from colleagues across the system who have already done the thinking for you or paid consultants to do it for them!

This show gives you an unprecedented opportunity to step out of your silos and share best practice – something it has been said the NHS is not terribly good at. Whether you head up an ICS, STP, CCG, NHS trust, Primary Care Network, GP surgery, adult social care, public health or work for one of the NHS’s many partners, this conference strives to bring the entire health and care community together to spread ideas and innovations that will make a difference to patients.

The focus is on how to implement new ideas, innovations, technologies and care models that will impact positively on, experience and outcomes of care and improve the overall health of your local population. You will learn from those who have succeeded in implementing changes big and small, how they did it, what stood in their way, how they convinced others of the need to change, and the impacts.

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