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SPINE CONFERENCE 2019 provides the importance of spine serves a number of purposes. It is made up of 24 moveable bones (vertebra) that support our weight, hold us upright and plays an important role in our movements. But its most important function is protecting our spinal cord and nerves as they branch out to all the other parts of the body. Spine health is something that individuals don't see until the point that it's no more.  The centre of a body is skeleton and the centre of a skeleton is spine. The spine has several functions and spinal issues, even inconspicuous ones, for example, the loss of the normal spinal curves, can influence any of these functions and alternate parts of the body that rely on them.


Spine problems can be multi-faceted. Research and advances in spine care, offer effective, conservative and surgical treatments. In fact, 90% of patients get better without surgery. spine specialization address the simplest problem to the most complex, from the easiest to the most difficult, caring for kids and adults of all ages. We strive to maintain nonsurgical care but have excellent surgeons if conservative approaches fall short of the goal. Surgical options range from minimally invasive surgery to the most difficult or revision cases.

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ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka

Osaka, Japan


15 - 16 May, 2019

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The Spine and Spinal Disorders 2019 is a one of a kind stage which plans to talk about and produce new thoughts for researchers, advances related to Spine and Central Nervous System. Spine and Spinal Disorders conference is a chance to bring far and wide centered around finding out about Spine and Central Nervous System. The meeting unites a portion of the most recent, most interesting examination from around the globe. In a little and close interactions of scientists and clinicians from all edges of the world can trade thoughts, share discoveries and talk about future joint efforts. This will create a more extensive global learning base and magnificent advances in the field of Spine and Spinal Disorders. Widely acclaimed speakers, the latest methods, and the most current updates in Spine and Spinal Disorders are signs of this gathering.  Spine and Spinal Disorders 2019 will witness a get together of specialists from everywhere throughout the world who will display their cutting-edge research for the improvement of Neurological well-being.

•  Learning in a very New area
•  Greater Focus
•  The fluke of the Random Workshop
•  Invest in Yourself

Visitors Profile

•  Business delegates,
•  Business Entrepreneurs,
•  CEO's and R&D Heads from Industries,
•  Clinical Neurologist,
•  Clinical organizations,
•  Directors,
•  Chiropractors,
•  Educational institutions
•  Psychiatrists,
•  Geriatricians,
•  Head of Department,
•  Health organizations,
•  Industrial Leaders,
•  Medical devises Manufacturing Companies,
•  Neurologist,
•  Neurology Researchers,
•  Neuropsychologists,
•  Neuroscience Institutions,
•  Neuroscientists,
•  Neurosurgeon,
•  Nurses,
•  Pharmaceutical companies and industries,
•  Physical Therapists,
•  Presidents,
•  Professors,
•  Social Workers,
•  Speech Therapists,
•  Spine Researchers and Surgeons,
•  Spine specialists,
•  Students from academia in the research on Spine.
•  Young researchers,
•  Orthopedic surgeons and researchers
•  All those providing care and treatment to patients with Spine and CNS Disorders.

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