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Cell Culture in an important tool for research and development within the life science industry. OThe global 3D Cell Culture Market market is valued at USD 1069.28 Million and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 25.31% over the forecast period. Researchers globally are realizing the potential of 3D cell culture for various applications, including models for personalized medicine, complex and multi-cell type models, translation and clinical and industrial applications.

Over the past few years, 3D Cell Culture has gained momentum within the pharmaceutical industry due to the benefits that this model offers for in vitro applications patient-derived tissues, drug discovery, predictivity and validation, and safety and toxicity.

SMi’s 3D Cell Culture conference will explore advances of organ and lab-on-a-chip, microphysiological systems, applications of technology and case studies, imaging, high throughput screening and advances in 3D cell culture models which make up core components within the 3D Cell Culture field.

Venue & Direction

Copthorne Tara Hotel

London, UK

United Kingdom

19 - 20 February, 2020

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Exhibitors Profile

•  Learn from leading pharma companies to benchmark against their applications of 3D technology
•  Explore case studies of 3D cell culture, high throughput screening, imaging and microphysiological systems in industry
•  Hear about the latest technology advances allowing 3D bioprinting to revolutionize in vitro models
•  Network with the key industry players developing the use of bioprinting as part of their R&D
•  Understand novel applications of 3D bioprinting for in vitro models, regenerative medicine and screening


Visitors Profile

Executives, Directors, VPs, Heads, Principals, Managers of:

•  Cell Technology
•  Lab Head Lead Discovery
•  High Throughput Screening
•  Research and Development
•  Disease Models
•  Cell Biology & Tissue Engineering
•  Translational Science
•  Complex In Vitro Models
•  Cell and Molecular Scientist
•  Systems Biology
•  Drug Discovery


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