3rd Microbiome Movement – Gut-Brain Axis Summit

3rd Microbiome Movement – Gut-Brain Axis Summit

3 December - 5 December, 2019

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(+1) 617 455 4188


Aloft Boston Seaport District, USA

Organized By:

Hanson Wade

+44 (0)20 3141 8700

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52 Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, London SW1W 0AU, UK

About 3rd Microbiome Movement – Gut-Brain Axis Summit

As scientific researchers continue to investigate the complexities of the microbiome-gut brain communication highway, our mission for the 3rd Microbiome Movement – Gut-Brain Axis Summit is simple: Unite pioneering industry and academic researchers to establish the mechanistic pathways contributing to neurological disorder manifestation, overcome the scientific and translational challenges of working in the gut-brain setting and capitalize on this therapeutic opportunity.

Our conversations have highlighted that there are critical areas of basic science that need addressing including demonstrating the causality of microbiome gut-brain interactions, translating microbiome science into therapeutic or nutritional targets through pre-clinical models and harnessing clinical experience to inform in-human study design to accelerate product development.

If you’re keen to make sense of microbiome gut-brain science and its potential applications in understanding neurological disorder etiology, identifying microbial biomarkers for patient stratification and development of innovative symptom management strategies, join your scientifically-driven peers from the pharmaceutical, nutritional and academic community to discover and clinically validate microbiome gut-brain axis pathways to transform treatment strategies for patients with neurological disorders.

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