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Conference Series llc LTD invites all the participants from all over the world to attend " 2nd Global Meeting on Medical and Clinical Oncology” during July 15-16, 2019 in Yokohama, Japan.


Radiation Oncology is a medical specialty that involves treating cancer with radiation. Doctors who specialize in treating cancer with radiation (radiation oncologists) use radiation therapy to treat a wide variety of cancers. Radiation therapy uses carefully targeted and regulated doses of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells. Radiation kills cancer cells by damaging the chromosomes and DNA so that the cells can no longer divide and the tumor can't grow. The discussion extends to all available Anti-cancer Therapies like Surgical Therapy, Chemotherapy, Adjuvant Therapy, Neoadjuvant Therapy, Immunotherapy, Hormonal Therapy, Proton Beam Therapy, Phototherapy, Stem Cell Therapy and Alternative Medicine.

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.Clinical Oncologists
·Research Scholars
·Hematology Associations & Societies
·Business Entrepreneurs
·Software Developing Companies
·Medical Devices Companies   
·Biomedical Companies
·Biotechnology Companies
·Data Management Companies

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