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Hosted by Pulsus Conferences, 25th of its series, Global Meet on Cancer Research and Oncology will mark the gathering of World renowned experts involved in Cancer Research at Rome. The noxious nature of Cancer has initiated thousands of research to be undertaken by the labs worldwide. With such a great no of researchers working on Caner, till date, no profound cure for this is recorded. It is a matter of pride that these researchers have helped in evolving the resources available for the Oncology but the lack of communication between the researchers worldwide has resulted in delayed and inefficient research.


We, at CANCER 2019, aim to bring Academicians, major Researchers, Oncologists, Consultants, Scholars, Business Delegates, and Manufacturers under one roof to share their works and help in accelerating the Cancer Research around the globe. We provide a platform to share the knowledge, promote Industrial Collaboration and Honour the future prospects in this research area.

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Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia Via Aurelia

Rome, Italy


20 - 21 May, 2019

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Medical Practitioners
Genetic Scientists
Business Delegates
Exhibitors and people with keen interest in the research areas of Cancer Research.

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