Technology as a metric for growth of Health care

The kind of rapid developments which are envisaged in the health care industry has been phenomenal. Health care industry has transformed itself in to a robust system which supports the GDP of the nation’s to a great extent.

In many of the developing countries, health care industry is turning out to be a key industry to watch, whereas in the developed countries the health care industry has already marked its foothold. When we perceive the reasons behind such a robust development, there are many factors like the growing concern for a good and healthy life style, the changing life styles and the kind of need for sophisticated health care services, and the kind of support which the health care industry has from the technological advancements.

Earlier the kind of technological advancements use to happen only in the front of instrumentation technology, which will support the doctors, hospitals and the other stake holders with sophisticated equipments which will push the company towards having a better diagnosis support and other aspects. Today however the penetration of technology in to health care industry has advanced much more.

Today, globally tele medicine and Mobile health care has become a trendy service. The kind of advancements in mobile technology enabling the imagery processing applications, an enterprise solutions which process the scheduling, medical transcription data and the imagery of the pathology and radiology reports etc, has changed the health care industry dynamics.

There are good number of companies in health care industry who offer medical consulting services like second opinions on the medical reports, guiding a better surgeon or a specialist in the local regions for a second opinion, peer-support systems for doctors to engage in discussion with co-specialists for a opinion share etc, has leveraged the medical advancements to the benefit of the industry and its customers.

The question which arises at the juncture of about all such development, is about the feasibility and affordability of these services to be provided to poor countries, and also the below poverty line people in many of the developing countries.

The development of health care industry is relevant to the nation’s development for handling health concerns of the public. There has to be more innovation and the combined effort of bringing in such an effective health care mechanism to the affordability of the public irrespective of their financial standards.

In country like India, where the population is very high, and the need for health care is also very high, the impact of such technological advancements towards assisting the medical communication can certainly leverage the development on the health standards of the public.