BrainBot :Potbotics’s New Venture to Help Pick Marijuana Strain Based on Your Unique Brain Waves

Using Marijuana for medicine is already a flourishing business in the US. Most cannabis dispensaries stock up more than dozens of strains of the herb, aligning to which there is a vague description that does not help much when deciding on which one to go for!

Potbiotics , a new company with an appropriate name, is hopeful that it will through its BrainBot EEG based system, be able to assist someone looking for something specific to his/her need.

Whether you are for or anti the use of pot such technology could answer long pending questions about possible effects that the drug has and whether or not it would be the best fit medically for patients. This is what the company has to say about its technology:


What sets BrainBot’s system apart from the competition is the fact that BrainBot can capture much higher frequencies (1.5-160 Hz) than those used in conventional EEG’s (0.5-60 Hz).

BrainBot can digitize, quantify, and analyze bio-electrical activity to establish an electro-physiological status of the brain. According to the research conducted by PotBotics, a bio-electrical actvity of 1.3-160 Hz has a close relationship with bio-chemical substrates of the brain.

By comparing the patient’s brain physiology (CEEG spectrum profiles) with different profiles of medical marijuana effects, BrainBot can detect electro-neuro-physiological deviations of the marijuana smoker and recommend a subsequent strain.




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