Anti-Decubitus Mattresses

True Source Technology offers a variety of Anti-decubitus mattresses cooperating in OEM/ODM projects. This company provides mattresses that are ideal for bedridden patients. Anti-decubitus products are designed based on the principles of perfect functionality and safety. To comply with environmental sustainability, the company has simplified operations, reduced machinery, and decreased the usage of materials. The Anti-decubitus mattresses of True Source Technology have also patented R&D technologies and passed stringent certifications by ISO 13485 & ISO 9001, CE, MDD, and FCC.

The company always strives to enhance the quality of care for patients of long-term mobility impaired patients. We always provide advanced medical mattresses to prevent pressure ulcers.

Features of True Source Technology Air (Anti-decubitus) Mattresses:

•    Allow for proper redistribution of the contact pressure of the body in a regular manner.
•    Help the diffusion of heat and perspiration
•    Decrease the contact pressure between the body & mattress
•    Maintain the accurate posture of the spinal column
•    Improves blood flow
•    Easy to fix on bed frame
•    Air cells are replaceable
•    Retainer Air Cell Design Prevents Over Inflation
•    Built-in Pressure Detector and Feedback System Provides 24/7 Pressure Monitoring
•    Designed to prevent or treat pressure sores for patients at health skin and stage I,II,III, IV

True Source Technology Anti-Decubitus Mattresses comes in four series:
•      Deluxe Series
•      Advance Series
•      Prime Series
•      Superb Series

•      Our mattresses are made in Taiwan with finest quality
•      Experienced Taiwan manufacturing team always check for quality
•      ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 certified medical device manufacturer
•      We strive to manufacture new models containing novel features
•      Flexibility to global market demands with prompt implementation and innovation  
•      Pro Environment Concept is taken into consideration with reduced material usage, minimized machinery, and simplified operations

These mattresses are useful for patients who are impaired including spinal cord injury, unconscious, bedridden for a long time, have fecal and urinary incontinence, have fragile skin, diabetic, or who suffer from malnutrition/weakness. They help to prevent and manage the pressure sore problem.