Millennium B Steam sterilizer

Millennium series autoclaves include Millennium B, Millennium B+, Millennium B2, Millennium Bµ. Millennium series autoclaves are type-B steam sterilizers which are designed for higher levels of safety, performance, and flexibility. The built-in menu in these steam sterilizers offer a wide range of programs, specifically developed for a suitable treatment of the various materials. Different combinations of the vacuum pulses, temperature and process time, duration of drying, allows the efficient sterilisation of each type of load. These steam sterilizers are equipped with advanced sterilization process self-evaluation system that allows accurate cross-referenced control of the basic parameters of sterilization. This system also alerts the user of any failure in the entire process and provides the most fundamental guarantee of “total safety”. Features of Millennium B+ steam sterilizer include:


  • Type B conforming to prEN 13060: 2002
  • Capacity 17 litres
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics
  • Instant patented steam generation system
  • Fractionated vacuum system to ensure the complete removal of air
  • Customized vacuum drying
  • Advanced multilingual software
  • Stainless-steel sterilisation chamber
  • Robot-controlled locking system
  • Integrated printer
  • Integrated water filling and draining tanks
  • Wide range of sterilisation programs
  • 5 standard trays provided


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