Patient Monitoring System InnoCare -T¹²

InnoCare is a patient monitoring system- a new generation monitor with 12” bright, wide viewing angle display and its unique wired or telemetric autonomous measuring head allows fairly flexible monitoring of patients in real clinical practice. The monitor is equipped with the IMH-8 intelligent patient-located measuring head family.


The basic functions are provided by the cable connected IMH-8C measuring head.The IMH-8M and IMH-8W store all measured data, including full disclosure waveform up to the last 10 days, so the user can display them on any connected InnoCare-T12 monitor.



Due to its integrated analysis system the IMH-8M measuring head evaluates all measured curves and parameters which are shown on the built-in touch screen display. Alarms functions are also provided by IMH-8M.



All versions of measuring head can be connected to the monitor with head-cable or inserted in the special slot of InnoCare-T12 monitor resulting in a robust, single box device for transport.



Features include:



  • NIBP measurement
  • Mainstream/sidestreamcapnograph
  • Cardiac output and haemodynamic calculation
  • 2 X IBP (Optional external)
  • Built-in 58 mm thermal printer
  • Interface to InnoCare-C/ C central monitoring system
  • Battery operation – 3 hours
  • Storage – 144 hour trend, 200 events, 30 hour full disclosure waveform
  • Dimensions: 335 X 290 X 140mm
  • Weight Less than 5 kg
  • Waveform scrolling speed: 12.5,25, 50 mm/s


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