Digital Thermometer DT-101N

Hicks Thermometers India Ltd manufactures and supplies thermometers that ensure high degree precision measurement. These digital thermometers, medical thermometers and medical digital thermometers can be used as household item or in hospitals. They are accurately calibered , either medical digital thermometer or mercury glass thermometer. The packing of these thermometres is done according to international standards i.e. clinical thermometers are provided with durable carrying cases.


DT-101N - Hicks Digital Thermometer has features like:



  • Memory & Beeper
  • Safe, Fast clinically accurate
  • Oral, Rectal or Underarm use
  • Both for adult & children
  • Automatic shut-off



Other thermometers are:



  • Xperia Digital Thermomter DX-707
  • Bling Digital Thermomter (German Design) DX-800
  • Hicks Flexi Tip DT-402
  • Hicks Digital DX-100
  • Hicks Akutem A-01
  • Hicks Dumark A-02
  • Hicks Optima A-03
  • Hicks Baby Rectal A-05
  • Hicks Veterinary A-06
  • Hicks Basal A-07        
  • Hicks Oval O-01
  • Hicks XL O-02


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