Crepe Bandage

The Crepe Bandage can easily be disposed off after the usage. 


These Bandages come with Fast Edges,  are Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P., Stretched to length of 4m, Available in 6cm, 8cm,10cm & 15cm. The Crepe Bandages are well known in the market as CR-01 (6cm), CR-02 (8cm), CR-03 (10cm), CR-04 (12cm).



Another model of Crepe Bandage is Flexi Crepe Bandage which is a Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P.C. , Available in 2",3",4", stretched to a length of 4mtrs. Well known as CR-11(5cm), CR-12(7.5cm), CR-13(10cm)


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