Genspeed® MRSA

Greiner Bio-One has developed the Genspeed® Test System, a unique molecular diagnostics system that combines crude lysis of bacteria with multiplex-PCR before the final automated analysis of PCR-products in the new Genspeed® R2 device. The complete analysis including the detection on the Genspeed® R2 Analyzer takes under 100 min. The portfolio of CE-IVD certified molecular diagnostic tests of Greiner Bio- One for the detection of nosocomial infections is growing.


For rapid detection of MRSA, the Genspeed® MRSA Test running on the Genspeed® Test System was developed. It is a DNA-based in-vitro diagnostic tool for qualitative detection of MRSA from human nasal and pharyngeal smears, targeting both resistance genes mecA and mecC.



With the Genspeed® C.Diff OneStep Test, toxigenic C. Difficile can be rapidly identified by detecting genes for glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH), toxin A, toxin B and binary toxin in a single, molecular diagnostic test.


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